Dt Swiss Felge FR 541 32-Loch 27,5 Zoll

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Dt Swiss Felge FR 541 32-Loch 27,5 Zoll

Not the first, but the last. The FR 541 aspires to be the last rim you
build on your bike. The new rim design enables improved impact
resistance and a better pinch flat protection to fit your style and your
lines. On the jumps, you will not have to pull more to fly more. The
reduced rim weight will make sure that you gain altitude without too
much effort. Mount this rim with love and it will faithfully reward you.

  • Aluminium Felge, geschweißt
  • Breite: Innen 30 mm
  • Ventilloch 6,5 mm
  • Gewicht ab. 570g
  • Max. Systemgewicht 140kg